HTH GSE San Diego Teacher Residency Program

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CBEST OR SAT (550+ Math and 500+ English), or ACT (23+ Math and 22+ English)

Post-Secondary Education

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Please upload the following required materials in order for your application to be complete. For Letters of Recommendation, please have your recommender send letter directly to: Transcripts should be sent electronically to:

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I am applying for admission to the HTH Graduate School of Education. My signature below verifies that I: a) understand the goals and requirements of the program; b) am committed to following the guidelines of the program, as specified on the HTH GSE website; c) have provided information on this form and other application materials that is true, complete, and accurate. Further, I understand that admission to the program in no way constitutes a guarantee of employment at a High Tech High school. I agree that if any information in this application or any other information upon which my admission is based is not true or complete, HTH GSE may revoke my acceptance, dismiss me from the program, and rescind my degree. I acknowledge that all official transcripts I forward to HTH GSE become the property of the school and will not be forwarded to another institution nor returned to me.